What is spiritual help?

One of the main needs of people towards God, and what He wants to give people, is spiritual freedom, emotional freedom, freedom from sin. Many people ask then how to be saved. God’s spiritual help is based on God’s words and God’s power, which can free a person from slavery in an instant. Mental bondage is a state where we are not free about certain things in our lives. There are problems that we cannot deal with, they destroy us, cause anxiety, depression – they take away the joy of life, love, freedom and security. Drugs and therapy „help” bury and numb the problem, while the Lord Jesus gives a real and lasting solution. Mental problems can be related to various problems such as: Addiction (alcohol, drugs, etc.) inevitable sin, fear, anxiety, fear of death, depression, suicidal thoughts, hatred, mental illness, insomnia and others.

Permanent spiritual release

Only true and lasting deliverance from spiritual problems is provided by the Lord Jesus. God wants to give us all freedom, through his Word he shows us the ways we can follow towards spiritual freedom. If you feel that you need spiritual help in some area, consider the following suggestions that will help you solve your problems and regain your freedom, peace and joy of life. Regardless of your current situation, you can always turn to Jesus for help! God is merciful, so he is always available to help you. Another way to solve spiritual problems is repentance. Your connection to spiritual matters may be because you have never truly accepted Jesus as your Savior and have never repented of your sins.

New life

Baptism (by faith, not a ceremony) gives new life in the Lord Jesus. It is also promised for You to receive baptism with the Holy Spirit. The baptized person receives a completely new identity as a child of God. The old man’s debts, curses and other unpleasantness are removed. Your problem may have been demonic in origin. Then it is important to ask believers to pray for your salvation from the demonic spirit. Your spiritual problems may be due to trauma, injury, or rejection. The solution is to transfer your worries to Jesus, to consciously entrust them to Him, to surrender, to free yourself from the burden. The sins that should be renounced are: occult practices, sinful relationships, toxic bonds, hatred of other people, curses and others.


God’s Word says that if we don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive us. Forgiveness is a thorn and an ulcer in our hearts. The problem in your life may be the lack of God’s guidance. Concentrate more on God, dedicate yourself to God’s Kingdom, pray, fast, read the Bible, go to church, etc. Neither time nor the most effective prayer will do the steps for you. These steps to a life of freedom can seem difficult and painful. We have to treat it like taking a thorn out of a leg: there is a lot of pain at first, which quickly subsides and turns into happiness and freedom! All paths to freedom have in common the power of love, the grace of God and the common denominator of power. You must humble yourself before the Lord Jesus, deny yourself, take a step of faith and trust Him.

If you wonder if is the Bible real check all facts that claims it.